The Bookshop “La Libreria del Mare”

The bookshop of theAi??Museo Civico del Mare e della Navigazione Antica is aAi??completely renovated space in the museum. It is entirely dedicated to the sea and its traditions. CoopCulture experiences a unique project in the area of the northern coast of Rome, taking care, with a thematic presentation, from the environments to Ai??the editorial production, of the sea bookshop.Ai?? Texts about fishing in Lazio since ancient times, the ancient routes traveled by Phoenicians, Etruscans and Romans, up to the rediscovery of local traditions and the coast fishermen between Civitavecchia and Fiumicino, will also be presented.

The bookshop will house over 500 titles, divided into threeAi??areas: Sea, Territory and Kids. The Sea sector will present on the shelves books about literature, non-fiction and environment, as well as photographic, Ai??sports and cooking publications. The Territory section will include titles, commercially available, of local interest about Ai??the coast and the Etruscan and Roman internal area of northern Lazio, in addition to the Museo Civico del Mare e della Navigazione AnticaAi??new guide. Funny and original titles will make up the section dedicated to the kids, always about the theme of the sea, will be a good opportunity for knowledge and entertainment during the long summer evenings.

In the exhibition space of the bookshop Ai??and in the museum’s workshops will also be organized events and exploitation activities.


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