The Museum

The “Museo Civico del Mare e della Navigazione Antica” is part of the extraordinary archaeological and monumental area of Pyrgi and the Castle of Santa Severa. A place of great historical importance for the north coast of Rome, frequented from prehistoric times to the present day in an uninterrupted manner.

In 2016, twenty-three years after its establishment as a Naval Antiquarium, the Museum presents to the public in a completely new look and enhanced in terms of exhibition space, assembly and contents.

Seven rooms house more than one hundred exhibits distributed along an exhibition and educational tour that introduces visitors to the theme of underwater archeology and ancient navigation submitting several interesting aspects of “life on the sea and for the sea”.

The museum is intended to preserve and enhance the archaeological evidence from the cerite coastal waters between Alsium and Centumcellae, with particular reference to the port of Pyrgi.

The museum, created in collaboration with the Archaeological Superintendence for Southern Etruria, Lazio Region and the Province of Rome, allows you to easily get closer to the world of ancient mariners through effective reconstruction of real environments and instrumentations as the result of the patient work of research by the Maritime Studies Center of the museum, in collaboration with specialists from various Italian universities and other European countries.

The work led to the creation of a very special Museo Civico del Mare e della Navigazione Antica, able undoubtedly to stimulate interest and curiosity about the world of sailing the ancient Mediterranean; awarded since 2005 the regional quality brand, explained several times to the Italian public by popular TV shows such as Blue Line, Geo & Geo and lastly Superquark by Piero and Alberto Angela, it is a dynamic museum that is to be a new scientific point of reference and culture in the north coast of Rome.

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